CD „Bixology – The Art of Bix Beiderbecke“

Bixology: Hören Sie wunderschöne Musik, die der legendäre Bix Beiderbecke aufgenommen hat in der spritzigen Version von Bixology. Viel Spaß mit „The Art of Bix Beiderbecke“. Aufgenommen im Jahre 2013.


      1. San
      2. Borneo
      3. Rockin‘ Chair
      4. There’ll Come A Time
      5. Two Sugars
      6. My Pet
      7. Dusky Stevedore
      8. A Good Man Is Hard To Find
      9. Futuristic Rhythm
      10. When
      11. Blue River
      12. Strut Miss Lizzie
      13. Mississippi Mud
      14. Dardanella
      15. Baby, Won’t You Please Come Home
      16. Royal Garden Blues
      17. Sunday
      18. From Monday On
      19. Three Blind Mice
      20. Raisin‘ The Roof


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Randy Sandke: I listened to your CD and liked it very much. Congratulations to the three of you on a wonderful recording. I think I’ll give one copy to Josh Duffee who books the bands in Davenport, and the other to Liz Beiderbecke, Bix’s grand niece. I’ll see them both in Davenport in a little more than a week.


Warren Weise: I absolutely could not stop listening to the CD. It is terrific! The playing by all of you is superb. You all play with so much ease and comfort and it shows in how musical the performances are. The arrangements are very impressive and interesting. I love the little subtle things that are going on… the little harmony parts between the bass saxophone and trumpet, the clever and sometimes unexpected endings, the way the melody is handed off from one instrument to another, etc.. It is thoroughly professional in every aspect. And your facility on “the big horn” is amazing in itself. And finally the sound of the recording itself. It sounded so good that I almost felt I was right in the room with the group. The balance is wonderful, the presence is just right, the sound of the instruments is captured beautifully. If it was made in this country, I think it would well deserve to be nominated for a Grammy!

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